Why deal with a Telecom Consultant?

There are a lot of reasons why you should always deal with a Telecom Consultant vs a Direct Representative.
• Telecom is a high turnover industry, but added with the recent round of mergers and acquisitions chances are your representative will not with the company in a year. However your Telecom consultant will be.

• Your Telecom Agent works for you and has no hidden agenda. As a result your agent has a better understanding of your company and why you make the decisions you make

• A telecom agent can save you tons of time shopping for the best solutions. Often they have a better understanding of what is happening in the industry and they can provide you with not only a single carriers solutions for they can also provide you with a mixed hybrid solutions by cherry picking for the best of the best. A direct rep is limited to his carriers services, geographic footprint and pricing.

• A Telecom Consultant is able to give you an unbiased opinion and is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Most have been in the field for many years-and most likely with multiple carriers. Your agent will typically have experience dealing with multiple carriers in your market, and can tell you how they really perform. This often is different from the rosy picture that direct reps want to paint for you. Who has the most reliable network? Who has billing problems? Who is going bankrupt? Who can make the desired install date? When using an Independent agent, you get to hear the truth minus all the fluff.

• Based on where your business is heading a Telecom Consultant can put you with a carrier and solution that can grow with you. A Consultant typically has a better understanding of the next generation technology of tomorrow and the companies that are already doing it. Direct reps only know what is going on within their company.

• Telecom Consultants don’t have a quota to make. They get you sell you what is best for you. It is very common for Independent Telecom Agents to uncover up to 20-40% of savings on your bill during the auditing process. The direct representatives you buy from have a quota to make and will often sell you what is good for them, not what is good for you. They are directed to sell what is profitable for the carrier they work for, and are paid accordingly based on their ability to do so.

• A telecom Consultant can give you the same pricing as a direct rep, but rarely can a direct rep give you the same pricing as an Agent. This is because the margins are typically different with an agent than a direct rep. A carrier has to pay for an office manager, health insurance, on top of that an direct reps salary, etc...

• Agents are invested in your long term success. Many agents become an integral part of your business team. We are here to help with not only your sale, but the implementation and account management after the sale, Chances are you will never hear or talk to your direct rep again after the sale. Direct reps are only paid to sell. Go to them for support and they are going to direct you to customer care. A direct rep typically makes all their commission from a sale in the first 30 days. A Telecom consultant gets paid a small monthly commission based on your bill. It typically takes the telecom consultant 24-30 months to get paid what a direct rep gets paid up front. As a result, a telecom agent is highly motivated to assist you in solving any service issues that you may have. Companies typically move around in the telecom world base on their current needs and financial budgets, but rarely do you change telecom agents.