Hosted PBX

In today’s world the Internet has changed the way every company does business. Competition is fierce and can come from anywhere in the world. The reality is not every company out there can be Fortune 1000 company, but all of them want the same resources and tools available to them. In response to this, companies require networks and systems that give them greater flexibility and control to get a leg up on the competition. One of the ways they are meeting this challenge is how they utilize their voice services.

Hosted Voice/SIP has been a huge game changer for these businesses. It allows then to have the technology and tools that a server based IP PBX offers without the costs associated with it. A hosted VoIP service provides a “virtual IP PBX” for an organization without requiring a physical PBX. Everything is hosted off premise. What this means is a business no longer has to tie up their capital resources in the form of costly PBX hardware and licenses. This capital expense now becomes a monthly operating expense which is typically less.

In addition another benefit of offsite Hosted VOIP is a great idea for companies that don’t have a full time in house IT person, but want all the features and functions associated with a VOIP solution. For those that do have an onsite IT person it eliminates the need for the IP person to know and maintain two separate devices and networks.

Hosted Voice/SIP also can be deployed on a user as needed basis, which means that they are easily expandable. It also is a more affordable solution as you only pay for what you use and not for what you can use.
Hardware, software upgrades, and maintenance issues can be managed more easily via a hosted solution than a premise-based solution. The vendor manages the upgrade and rolls it out once it is ready, making for a pain-free transition. It ensures the customer the “latest and greatest” in this ever-changing world of PBX technologies.
With maintenance all equipment is centrally located resulting in being monitored round the clock with a set of expert technicians.