Whether you are looking for more traditional base systems (TDM) or state of the art IP telephony, CGS over the last 10 years has developed extensive strategic relationships with top vendors in the industry to ensure our customers have access to not only the latest and greatest connectivity solutions available, but also to the best technology solutions available as well.

CGS has well established relationships with PBX vendors across the entire US. If you are not sure whether you should purchase a new system or just upgrade your existing we are here to help.


Businesses today are adopting the latest and greatest technologies to make them more competitive and efficient. Companies are quickly outgrowing or being limited from their peak performance because they have outgrown the capabilities of their old cabling infrastructure. Don’t let something as simple as your infrastructure be the bottleneck that slows your business down.

Some questions to ask yourself:

• Am I moving moving facilities?
• Opening new locations?
• Upgrading equipment within my network?
• What are speed requirements of my software applications?
• How much room for growth on my current network?

CGS has a national network of vendors across the US that can help answer these questions. Give us a call at 888-747-7003 and we will make sure your business is moving as fast as your technologies allow.