The ability to connect with your customers as well as your employees will make or break your business. No matter what your business does it has to have to have connectivity in today's world.

There are many types of data/transport solutions available on the market today. Some things to consider and ask yourself to determine what solution works best for you:

• How you plan to utilize the data connection?
• What are my business data needs?
• What type of Infrastructure do I have in place that required connectivity?
• Do I have any mission critical systems that have to be connected to the internet?
• Am I or will be utilizing cloud base solutions?
• What happens to my business if my connection goes down?
• Does my connection make the best utilization of my network?

Having the right or wrong type of data connection could have a tremendous positive or even negative impact on your business. Whether you are looking for an entire Network Redesign, Primary, Secondary, or even backup just solutions , we specialize in digging deep into understanding their customers business and their needs so we can recommend the best type of connectivity that will fit your needs not only today, but in the years to come.

• Coax
• T-1
• Point to Point
• Ethernet
• Wireless/Satellite

No matter what you are trying do CGS has you covered. We work with all of the major telecom carriers and can implement virtually any type solution based on your business's needs.