If you are not preforming regular backups with your data in today workplace you are playing Russian roulette with your business.
Some things to ask yourself are:
• Am I doing regular backups?
• Am I preforming these backups often enough?
• How much data would I lose between the last backup and the loss of data?
• Does my backup recovery work correctly?
• Where is my backup data being stored?
• How long would it take me to restore my data in the event of a catastrophic loss?
Gone are the days of tape and external drives that you have to manually do and take with you. Today backups today can be automated, done daily if so desired, and are typically sent to offsite facilities ensure the availability and integrity of your data in the event of a disaster. Sending your data offsite is a great way to protect and ensure your data. Give us a call to discuss in further detail.